Here's just a small sample of my social media work I did in the past years. 

Click on the images below for more examples of my work :) 

Special Events Planning class

I was in charge of promoting our class project group's St. Patrick themed party REVOLVER LAUNCH to advertise ticket sales while at the same time publicizing Upintheair Theatre's upcoming rEvolver Festival. I was successful at creating buzz and engagement by focusing on theatre-friendly content that our target market could relate to. 
My full work portfolio can be seen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Upintheair theatre

Upintheair Theatre, happy with the previous work I've done promoting their activities in the college setting, offered me a paid summer internship that involved full focus on rEvolver Festival and promotion of different festival acts and plays. I was able to grow Instagram audience organically by 500% in less than two months and contributed to breaking ticket sales record. 

langara school of management 

Posting on behalf of Langara School of management, I was in charge of coming up with relevant and exciting content current and past students could relate to: I was focusing on shining light at local companies and coming up with inspirational interviews with alumni and posting them on both LSM's LinkedIn and Facebook. #WhereAreTheyNow interviews became the instant hit among students on Facebook and helped grew LinkedIn following and engagement by 20% in three months. 

Vancouver fashion week 

Vancouver Fashion Week was a great experience due to all-hands-on-deck environment and 100% creativity-focused work. I had a chance to practise DSLR photography by contributing to weekly street style content, covered Harajuku Fashion Walk, managed, improved and grew their Pinterest account by adding more relevant boards such as Woman Style Crush and Man Style Crush and boards introducing all designers showcasing their work that season. I was focusing on meaningful promotion and engagement and it definitely paid of in likes, follows and comments. 

My work can be discovered on Vancouver Fashion Week's Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook


Since I have love for social media everywhere I go, I wanted to apply it in my Airbnb hosting business too. Each city, place and guest comes with a unique story and I wanted to share all of that through Instagram as no other account supports visual storytelling better. You can't imagine my happiness when the guests mentioned seeing my place on Instagram first before booking. Also, reviews will give you an idea about what type of person I am. 

langara digital club

I always wished to start a club that would combine content creation focused on local fashion along with helping students gain relevant experience in their field - be it social media, photography or graphic design. Milton Berle once said: "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." And so I built Langara Digital Club in 2016 and 22 other students I call family joined me on this amazing journey. I pitched, promoted and organized various events, came up with club branding, built club's website and created and managed all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTubeSnapchat and Ello. And I truly mastered Photoshop and InDesign because all those posters and social media banners wouldn't create themselves. 

Soju Events 

What started as a tiny college project in 2016 blossomed into the most popular K-pop club night in Vancouver that attracts more than 500 people per event. The main reason behind Soju Sunday success is our 'putting customers first' mentality - we bring what our customers (aka Soju fam) crave from K-pop idol photo props to songs our DJ plays. My role is all about social media and customer service and I like to believe that so far, I did a great job connecting and communicating with Soju Sunday fam while implementing their suggestions and wishes into all decision making. I'm in charge of all content creation from designing Snapchat geofilters to coming up with successful promo activities such as #BringingKPopToVancouver Instagram campaign that put us on a map when we were just starting.

My work can be viewed on Facebook: Soju Sunday 1, Soju Sunday 2, Soju Sunday 3, Soju Sunday 4, Twitter and Instagram.

Smartbite Snacks 

Nothing challenged me as much as creating content for Smartbite Snacks. But I'm a gal who loves to give herself a good challenge, so I accepted it with open arms. My job consists of closely monitoring Instagram health food trends, getting all supplies and ingredients necessary for preparing and styling rice cakes (yay for my improved food styling skills), then photographing my state of art with Canon camera and from there on it's all about Photoshop editing and coming with cheeky captions.

My work is available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for your viewing pleasure.