Strategically positioned coffee mugs and lifestyle magazines:


Artfully arranged travel must haves:


Perfectly styled outdoor escapades:


Magazine-worthy gf/bf moment:


Let me get one thing straight: I love Instagram. I am shamelessly and unapologetically addicted. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to pee only to find myself three hours later scrolling through my feed staring at people I never met taking overlit selfies in bars and insomniacs on a 2 am camera-roll marathon posting #throwbackthursday pics with over-sentimental captions. And I LOVE it.

And because this website is mainly about fashion, Instagram is everything in this cyber game de mode. Btw. are you following us on IG? #ShamelessSelfPromo
Thanks to Instagram you can watch catwalk shows in real time (hello there Burberry), drool over street style from all over the world, plus you get to find out about fast fashion sales every time one of your friends brags about scoring a new coat for half the price (damn you Ying Li). What more could I possibly want?

Instagram is #goals for almost anything, but what Instagram isn’t any more is hip. Instead it is a world of materialistic hipsterdom and we see the same visual cliches each time we open our account. All high heels/loafers/boots on pretty tiled floorssunglasses held against kitch sunsets or pretty much anything else, nail art next to donutsbagelsburgerssandwichessaladsice creamcoffeefancy drinks.

Fashion has embraced Instagram like no other industry. But in order to be most instagrammable, every IG fashionista/fashionisto is anxious to look exactly like every other IG fashionista/fashionisto out there – because however ironic your captions and however iconic your selfies, social media is in a nutshell just a popularity contest where numbers come first and everything else is second.

One Instagram account did an A+ job parodying the impossibly perfect lifestyle of all those #livingauthentic that take the same pictures in the same places using the same captions. The creator of Socality Barbie, Oregon-based photographer Darby Cisneros told Wired “I couldn’t tell any of their pictures apart so I thought, ‘What better way to make my point than with a mass-produced doll?’” Socality Barbie got so popular she amassed 1.1 million followers. We all know what’s her secret to success- either you are Socality Barbie yourself or you know at least one person whose Instagram looks just like hers.

And now 136 selfies later, she disappeared at just 22. Twenty-two weeks to be exact. Darby explains:

I started SB as a way to poke fun at all the Instagram trends that I thought were ridiculous. Never in 1 million years did I think it would receive the amount of attention that it did but because of that it has open the door to a lot of great discussions like: how we choose to present ourselves online, the insane lengths many of us go to to create the perfect Instagram life, and calling into question our authenticity and motives. It’s been a blast running this account but I believe SB’s work here is done.
— Darby Cisneros

But before you close this page, let’s scroll together through some of the pictures that made this Barbie instafamous.

#Neverstopexploring Socality Barbie. Wherever you may be.


1. “Be the kind of leader that you would follow.”


2. “Waking up at 10am was so worth it to get that perfect light & fog.”

3. “Rule 1. Always gram your coffee or it didn’t happen.”

4. “I love being a part of this creative community that inspires us to create and encourages us to collaborate with other creatives.”

5. “The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.”

6. “Do what is right, not what is easy.”

7. “#BLESSED💙🙏 ”

8. “We took a break from technology this morning. It was only for like 10 minutes but it was exactly what we needed.”

9. “If you want something you never had, You have to do something you’ve never done.”

10. “You don’t need to have a wood burning fireplace to live authentic. Just a stack of firewood will do.”

11. “Cuz holding your ice cream up to a wall turns it into art.🎨🎨🍦”

12. “Road trip. Ready for this weekends adventure in the mountains!”

13. “I woke up like this😏 …”

14. “Can’t get over this portrait @septemberwildflowers did of me!!! So rad!!! 💙💙💙”

15. “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”

For more #authentic pictures, follow Socality Barbie here