All that glitters may not be gold for some but sparkles are actually worth more than 24 karats gold in my world. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m drawn to shiny stuff and I bet there are plenty of other women/men out there who would cover their bodies in glitter daily if they could (for now ladies cover your hair roots and armpits while men can add extra bling to their beards).

The only reason I slaved away at two jobs while juggling full time college was so I could afford to buy Miu Miu shoes … wait for it … wait for it … wait for it … Miu Miu shoes covered in glitter. You can call it #glittercommitment, #glitterobsession, #overthetopglitterstupidity but I bet every single person on this planet was born with at least a little bit of glitter in their veins. Don’t believe me?

Read through this quick glitter quiz below:

  • Glitter Glue is one of the best inventions ever
  • When shopping, you often to think “This would look a lot better if it was covered in glitter!”
  • You love glitter, but rhinestones and sequins are still pretty cool
  • There is no such thing as too much glitter
  • You own a pair of shoes that have glitter on them
  • You’ve always wanted to throw glitter in the air and take a magical photo of it
  • You covered a wine bottle with glitter because you saw it on Pinterest
  • Cupcakes with glitter frosting are the best (edible glitter sprinkles, of course)
  • You’ve had a dream that involved glitter

Done? If at least two of these statements rang true for you, then welcome to our glitter family. You’ll love what’s coming next.

NYFW backstage magician Pat McGrath decided to apply lots of glitterry bliss where no one else usually puts it. Pat gave models a shimmering crimson red lip for the Atelier Versace runway and set off full-blown sparkle mania. She then went and launched a limited quantity of her Pat McGrath Labs makeup kits to re-create the look which sold out in minutes.

Lucky for you and me, Sephora took notice and stocked up on that glitter glory. You can get it in three different shades or if you want to kiss your pay check goodbye and live off instant ramen for weeks just like I plan to do, you can buy all shades together in one pink sequined package. Let’s not forget –  Vancouver Fashion Week is around the corner and everyone wants to look their best. Whether you opt to go for more natural jeweled line across Lily Aldridge’s cupid’s bow, or full on crimson velvet on Slick Woods’s mouth, you surely will be turning heads. And if there’s something you need to take from this blog post it’s when in doubt, just add glitter (preferably lots of it and to the places where no one expects it for the extra shock value). Get more #glitterinspo from the videos below.

LILY ALDRIDGE | @lilyaldridge




SELENA FORREST | @selenaforrest


KIKI WILLEMS | @kdhwillems


JING WEN | @jingwenll


VANESSA MOODY | @vanessa_moody


LINEISY MONTERO | @lineisymontero


VITTORIA CERETTI | @vittoceretti


KATIE MOORE | @katherineann.moore


BARBIE FERREIRA | @barbienox


SLICK WOODS | @slickwoods


*** the above videos of #McGrathMuses are from this amazing Vogue article