PAOLO SANTOS GETS IT! Popular Langara beau who never disappoints to put a smile on our face (and yours too if you know him) seems to have it all – he can dress, he can party & he can dribble! With his love for casual style & beanies (LOTS of them), bubbly personality and fist pumps & hugs coming from each corner, it’s impossible to miss him. I caught up with Paolo one chilly evening and talked about him & his brand WSDM that believes you are who you surround yourself with.

Tell us a little about yourself.

– My name is Paolo Santos. I’m 23 years old. I work at Glowbal Restaurant and Global RESP Corporation (coincidence?) I’m in my last year of the Marketing program at Langara College. When I’m not busy with work or school, I like to be around my friends and family. I also play in a few basketball leagues every year.

What do you think about Vancouver fashion in general? Do you think people here are interested in fashion?

– When I hear Vancouver fashion, the article about us being voted one of the worst dressed cities comes into mind. Haha yoga pants.. I’m into it. But in my opinion, I think Vancouver fashion is growing. People are becoming more fashion conscious catching on to particular trends or sometimes just wearing whatever the f*** they want, which is admirable for sure (at least the people I know). Overall, I think we’re not that bad.


What are you wearing?

– I’m wearing sk8 hi’s by VANS, jeans from UNIQLO, scoop long tee from KNYEW, and the hoodie is from STUSSY.

Can you tell us little bit about the WSDM brand and concept? Where can we get it?

– Yea, WSDM originated from W.Is.D.O.M, which stood for What Is Done Open Minded. For me WSDM CLUB is more of a movement/lifestyle than just a brand from how I perceive it. For me it’s about finding who you truly are and recognizing the trials and tribulations you go through in life is a blessing and the core foundation of your success in the future. But that’s the beauty of WSDM CLUB, it can be what you want it to be you just have to decide. On some of our tee’s you’ll notice it says, “Knowledge + Experience” with a triangle logo, which encompasses some of the things I said before plus some more and the ’92 is the year we were born (you feel me?). So we put all that on a shirt for people who understand the concept to wear and relate to us as well as each other.

WSDM CLUB is an ongoing process as we’re still trying to create an online store for you guys but if you want to purchase any of our items now, you can start by following WSDM CLUB on Instagram or direct messaging me @paoloalexanderking for further information on pricing and how to get it.

What influenced your taste for fashion?

– My first real job in high school was working as a sales associate/stylist at Club Monaco. I think that’s when it all started. I got a little taste of how decent I can actually look in good quality tapered clothes. I was also into men’s fashion blogs, thestyleblogger or TSBmen in particular (I’m not sure if that’s what they’re called now they changed their name a couple times) so that was a large influence on my fashion at one point. Now people tell me I dress like a hipster or a thug, or some other s*** haha but I think it’s cool. I feel like I don’t follow anyone or any style in particular but I’ll throw on anything that’s comfortable. Sounds cliche but I’m either in Nike sweats around the house or in a good pair of jeans with a large white tee and a flannel #cozyboyz. I think I’m in the middle of hip and hood? Haha, oh I also like how Chris Brown dresses.

What’s one fashion item you cannot imagine your life without?

– I can’t imagine my life without my beanies or hats. If anyone knows me, they know I f*** with hats. Definitely hats.

What are your plans once you graduate Langara?

– Once I graduate I’ll to continue work at both my jobs to save enough money to travel. Once I have enough money saved, I plan to spend it all on partying at clubs I’ve never been to and just enjoy my life. Its taken me over 4 years to be almost done with school and I think I deserve to kick back a little bit after . Also, looking forward to doing big things with the brand as well. Hope you guys can all check us out and follow us on our journey!

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